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Etsy apple round-up

August 3, 2011
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I used to make lots of crafty things, but I don’t have so much time now that I have three children, literary ambitions and numerous jobs. I still get out the sewing kit to mend my clothes and sew on buttons, and I also supervise the children’s glue-gun and recycling-bin creations. But I haven’t had a moment to sew a librarian doll or a quilted bionicle in ages.

Luckily there are thousands of people who do make stuff and sell them on the internet. One of New Zealand’s own crafty websites is felt, but the international mecca of craftiness must be Etsy. I did a bit of a trawl yesterday and found barrels of apple-covered cuteness.

How cute is this? I love the apple print; it’s a skirt by The Mommafish.

These nursery prints by justbunch are gorgeous too. It seems that apples are stalwarts of early childhood education. A is for apple – we can’t move past that.

Here is another excellent apple print skirt. For babies – babies don’t complain if the A-line doesn’t fit perfectly, or the skirt isn’t lined. Just two seams and some elastic. I could do it. Now why don’t I?

And a cotton re-usable sandwich bag with an apple print. Can one’s life be too dinky?

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